2021 – 2022 Season Line-Up

Welcome to our 2021-2022 season! While we use astrology to navigate these interesting times, join us as we analyze what’s here, what’s passing and what’s to come.
Julianne Johnson, President

We’re meeting on Zoom until further notice. When we’re able to meet in-person, we’ll also stream online. Members can attend lectures for free and will be sent the link. Non-members can attend or receive the link after paying the $10 non-member lecture fee using the donation button on our home page. (In the “Notes to Seller ” field, write in what you’re paying for.) The deadline to sign up for an event is the day prior to the event. Lectures are preceded by an introduction to the topic in our Pre-Lecture at 6:00 PM (taught by an ASC member), for no additional charge. To join ASC, see our Membership page. Members have a lower price for workshops and other benefits. To register for a workshop, visit our Workshops page. The Zoom link will be emailed to you before the event. We are hoping to have our first in-person meeting perhaps as soon as October 21, and our location will be as before, the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center, 200 Main St., Wethersfield, CT.

In many of our speakers’ backgrounds, you’ll see organizations and their certifications listed by their initials. These include National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and their certifications via their Professional Astrologer Alliance (NCGR-PAA), the Organization for Professional Astrologers (OPA), the Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN) and the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR).

Special Pre-Lecture for Sept. 16 Season-opener
Our favorite Connecticut astronomy buff, James King, will show you how to use a handy tool to find constellations and transiting planets in the night sky and learn what stars were overhead at the date and time of your birth.  Since the ‘70s, James has demonstrated celestial delights to astronomy and astrology aficionados alike. If you’ve been to ASC picnics, you’ve no doubt gazed through his telescope at whatever planets observable at the time and you may have one of the “Star & Planet Locator” Planispheres  that he’s distributed over the years. If you plan to attend the pre-leture, you can request one for free prior to the Zoom, but you must ACT QUICKLY! Email Program@myasc.org ASAP (by Thursday, Sept. 9 at the latest), providing your name and mailing address. It is not essential that you have one, but if you do, have it ready for the Zoom, along with a sharp pencil, a sticky note and a way to measure 30 millimeters (a bit under 1-1/2 inches). Don’t miss this great opportunity!


LECTURE  Sept. 16, 2021, 7:00 PM  on Zoom
Gemini Brett
The Temple of the Living Sky:  Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers

Where can the source material of our sacred science be found: in the ancient scriptures or further underground? Perhaps we should seek the cosmic keys in the archetypal language of our dreams. Or perhaps astrology is the poetic breath of nature and we will re-member the roots of the rules and the proofs of the equations we use by entering the temple of the living sky. Gemini Brett is here to offer some “how” to that “why?” by transmitting embodied techniques of the sacred astronomical art that will help you learn to see the chart in the sky and the sky in the chart.

Gemini Brett’s terrestrial translations of the celestial conversation expressed through the ancient arts of sacred geometry, musical harmony, embodied astronomy and number magic activate seasoned sages as much as they initiate students new to the cosmic curriculum. He is a world-renowned astrologer, shamanic “StarryTeller” and inspiring educator known for reconnecting astrologers with the sacred astronomy of the living sky. Brett was honored by OPA with their 2020 Orion Award for Outstanding Contribution to Astrology. Learn more at GeminiBrett.com.

LECTURE ON ZOOM October 21, 2021, 7:00 PM
Mary Shea
Solar Returns

Of all of the predictive techniques, Solar Return charts are the easiest to understand. If you can read a natal chart, you can read a Solar Return chart. This lecture will start with the basics of how to understand Solar Return charts and then build to professional tips and techniques for putting together a reading complete with transits, progressions, arcs and timing. Mary welcomes everyone and any questions from beginner astrology students to professionals.

Mary Shea is an internationally-acclaimed author, teacher, counselor, astrologer and lay mystic. Her astrological books include Planets in Solar Returns: Yearly Cycles of Transformation and Growth (3rd edition) and Solar Returns: A Study. Her mystical book Heart Journey is penned under the name Mary Juno. Mary has developed and taught programs on astrology, personal empowerment and pathways to Higher Consciousness. She offers tools that improve relationships, generate abundance and promote physical healing, right livelihood and enlightened guidance. Find out more at maryshea.com.

SPECIAL PRE-LECTURE at 6:00 PM by Anthony Louis, a long-time ASC member and author of many books, including The Art of Forecasting Using Solar Returns.

LECTURE  Nov. 18, 2021, 7:00 PM
Joseph Addeo
Synastry of Love Triangles

Synastry is the study of comparing the charts of partners – usually two. Here’s a different twist! First, Joseph will outline the major synastry aspects between charts that link one person to another. Then he’ll elaborate and show how synastry aspects show up in these famous love triangles: Brad Pitt / Jennifer Aniston / Angelina Jolie, Eddie Fisher / Debbie Reynolds / Elizabeth Taylor, Prince Charles / Princess Diana / Camilla Parker-Bowles, and time-permitting, Peter Bogdanovich / Polly Platt / Cybill Shepherd  and Woody Allen / Mia Farrow / Soon-Yi Previn.

Joseph Addeo is a professional astrologer in New York City specializing in psychological, Hellenistic and predictive astrology. He’s been on the Board of Directors of the New York Chapter of NCGR and is now on Kepler College’s board. He is a regular speaker at conferences, has written magazine articles and columns for Astrotogo, and is an ongoing contributor for the astrological magazine “The Ingress.” Joseph has a daily blog on Facebook at Joseph Addeo, Astrologer. For information on current classes and lectures, see his website, josephaddeo.com.

WORKSHOP  Nov. 21, 2021, 12:00 – 5:00 PM EST  on Zoom
Taught by ASC Members
Applying the Transits of 2022 to Your Chart
Suitable for students at all levels of astrology
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Professional members of the ASC will cover 2022’s major planets’ aspects, retrogrades of inner and outer planets, and moon cycles and eclipses, noting where to look for these in a chart. Each teacher will then lead a small discussion group geared to a specific level of astrological proficiency (beginner, intermediate, advanced) to look in-depth at the charts of participants.

LECTURE  Dec. 9, 2021, 7:00 PM
Lloyd Strayhorn
Your Personal Number and 2022 Outlook

Numerology is the sister art/science to astrology. Together, they combine to give an expanded picture of possibilities. Lloyd Strayhorn will share his vast knowledge of astrology and numerology. With simple terms, you will get to know your vibrational number for the year ahead and how to blend that with your zodiac sign.

As a child growing up in Harlem, Lloyd had an unusual fascination with all things “weird,” “strange” or “interesting.” (Did this have something to do with him being an Aquarius?) After long and intensive years of studying and researching both astrology and numerology, Lloyd emerged as an Astro/Numerologist, perhaps the most renowned authority in this specialized field. He’s written numerous books, news/magazine columns and articles, and appeared on countless radio and national TV shows, always leaving the audience mesmerized. Learn more about him at Lloyd-Strayhorn.com.

LECTURE  January 20, 2022, 7:00 PM  on Zoom
Linea Van Horn
Blinded by the Light

Of the myriad planetary aspects we astrologers use every day, there is only one which renders a planet invisible: a conjunction with the Sun. Despite the frequency with which this occurs, there is disagreement about how to interpret it. Does visibility matter? Traditional astrologers certainly thought so: modern astrologers, not so much. Join Linea in a fascinating exploration of “combustion,” as this position was traditionally called. Both classical and modern views will be explained, as well as the psychological expression and resolution for this common chart condition.

Linea Van Horn is the “Astrologer at Large.” Professional since 1998, Linea is Founder and President Emerita of the San Francisco Astrological Society. Formerly employed in the astrology internet industry, Linea is an experienced astrological advisor, respected teacher, published author and dynamic speaker. She currently devotes herself to client work, teaching, writing and community building in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds Professional Astrologer certifications through NCGR-PAA and OPA. She’s also a member of AFAN and ISAR. Visit Linea’s website astrologeratlarge.com.

WORKSHOP  January 22, 2022, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM EST  on Zoom
Melanie Reinhart
Listening to the Centaurs

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Join us for an overview of four Centaurs and their astronomy, symbolism and meaning, with particular reference to ancestral healing: Chiron (“Chief Centaur,” presiding over the soul processes); Chiron’s wife, Chariklo (discovered in 1997 and currently in Aquarius, after making many conjunctions in Capricorn through 2019-2020 – what does she bring to these times?); Pholus (“The Lid Comes Off”) and Nessus (“The Buck Stops Here”). The day includes a Guided Imagery process and a mix of structured information, allowing plenty of time for Q&A, elaboration, comments and personal examples.

Note: Attendees are encouraged to prepare by looking up the position of these four Centaurs in their own horoscope. Here’s an ephemeris: http://mbf.cc/KRiJm

Melanie Reinhart
, B.A., D.F.Astrol.S. is a patron of the Faculty of Astrological Studies and a prize-winning holder of their Diploma. She trained in Horary with Geoffrey Cornelius and Deborah Houlding. Astrology has been central to Melanie’s life since 1959, and she has been a professional astrologer since 1975, writing, offering consultations and teaching internationally. She received the Charles Harvey award in 2004 for “exceptional service to astrology.” Since 1989, she has presented original material on new celestial objects, notably the Centaurs. Her books include Chiron and the Healing JourneySaturn, Chiron and the Centaurs; and Incarnation. Her website melaniereinhart.com has articles, poems, resources and more.

LECTURE  February 17, 2022, 7:00 PM  on Zoom
Judith Hill
Saturn’s Medical Transits

If Saturn is notoriously cold and dry, then how do his transits affect the body or play a role in the onset, diagnosis or cure of disease? Judith explicates the fascinating influence of Saturn’s transit aspects to each natal planet and Node. Saturn’s transits are essential knowledge for astrologers and the health practitioners alike who want to know more about the celestial influences upon human health, onset of disease patterns, and planetary etiology. This promises to be a fascinating evening full of useful nuggets.

Judith Hill (JudithHillAstrology.com), one of the longest practicing, full-time astrological consultants in America,is an award-winning author of thirteen books, including four medical titles. Founder of Judith Hill’s Academy for Astrological Medicine, she is a Chartered Herbalist and created courses in Medical Astrology and Astrological Herbalism. She serves on the faculty at Kepler College, the Astrology Hub and the Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism. Instrumental in introducing western medical astrology to Szechuan, China, Hill is an internationally recognized researcher, publishing statistical research on astro-genetics and astro-seismology.

LECTURE  March 17, 2022, 7:00 PM
Joseph Crane
History of Astrology’s Seven Planets

How have the luminaries and five starry (visible) planets depicted human nature and the circumstances of our lives?  We begin with the signification of planets from ancient Mesopotamia – with an assist from ancient Egypt – and then move through the Hellenistic stoics and medieval Christians to the beginnings of modern astrology. We’ll explore the correlations of these planets with the signs of the zodiac and the early development of the astrological houses. We will also see how the discovery of the modern planets took away some of the visible planets’ primary significations.

Joseph Crane has been an astrologer and astrology teacher since the late 1980s, combining astrological technique with his counseling experience and helping professional and aspiring astrologers develop their knowledge and skills. The author of several books and many articles, Joseph writes on the historical development of astrology and its applications to people’s lives today and the relationships between astrology and the western literary tradition. Articles and profiles can be found on Joseph’s website astrologyinstitute.com.

LECTURE  April 21, 2022, 7:00 PM
Jacqueline Janes
Pluto’s Return in the USA chart: How will it affect me?

The line between the individual’s direction in life and the collective’s trajectory for survival is thin. Astrologers need to understand both the mundane and the personal translation of astrological symbolism. Focusing on the USA Chart and a significant planetary return, Pluto, raises serious death and rebirth issues for our country and for individual citizens. Exploring the issues for both our country and ourselves can give us a sense of where we have options for action and where we can only be aware of our responses.

WORKSHOP  April 23, 2022, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM EDT
(Note: These hours are different than originally listed, since we won’t be taking a LONG in-person lunch break.)
Jacqueline Janes
Aspect Pattern Interpretation

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“Aspect Pattern Astrology is the interpretation of the aspect pattern as a pattern for consciousness and motivation.”  Quote from Aspect Pattern Astrology  by Bruno & Louise Huber & Michael Alexander Huber

The Hubers’ work and research offer us further insights into the developing consciousness of the individual. While working with T-Squares, Grand Square, Grand Trines, Yods, etc., from early Marc Edmund Jones’ combinations, the Hubers also interpret Ambivalent Triangles, UFO patterns, Thinking Triangles and other configurations. Exploring this body of astrological work can enlarge the interpretive skills of the astrologer.

Jacqueline L. Janes, M.A., holds the highest certifications from both NCGR and ISAR and served as OPA’s membership secretary from 2004 to 2007, as well as a group leader for several retreats. She also is a member of AFAN. A “humanistic astrologer,” she loves helping people understand their life journeys expressed in astrological language and planetary cycles. For many years, she was  a psychotherapist utilizing astrology in her practice. Jacqueline has taught at numerous astrological  conferences and has shared extensively her consulting experiences and knowledge to further the astrological profession. Discover more at astrotherapist.com.

LECTURE  May 19, 2022, 7:00 PM
n-Person AND on Zoom
Annual Business Meeting at 6:45 PM (no Pre-Lecture)

Christine Rakela
Astrocartography and Relocation

Which is a better technique: Astrocartography or relocation? Find out through this enlightening lecture that involves a broad explanation and understanding of how to benefit in your life from both Astrocartography and relocation. Angular power points, taking a planet out of context, midpoints and parans, and the most important points of Astrocartography and relocation will be discussed. Several celebrity charts will show you what to look for to get the best results.

Christine Rakela is a professional certified astrologer through the NCGR. She has produced and hosted an independent television program, Astrology Connection, for 22 years in New York City. Christine lectures throughout the country and has been a featured guest on national television and radio. She has written several articles for Dell Horoscope magazine and is the author of The Love Relationship Formula and her new release (July 2021) Traveling By The Stars. Find out more at ChristineRakela.com.