The Basic Energies in Our Lives – Astrologically Explained: Ruth Finizio

The Basic Energies in Our Lives – Astrologically Explained

We live in this created universe — with all of its richness of color and sound and, in fact, all physical experience. We live in a world of imagining — in our dreams and visualizations and moments of pondering. In this world we use the richness of symbols and language and art to help mold, and understand, our visions. We live in a world of relationship with the divine — a relationship with that which is beyond our grasp. Sometimes we are gifted with moments of intense awareness, or deep feeling, or amazing insight. Sometimes we just have a feeling of path and the need to follow that path.
The basic energies in our lives, symbolized by the 12 signs of the zodiac, operate in all these worlds, although their effects are experienced in ways specific to each world.

In our physical universe Aries energy produces in us an urge to act, motivating us to ‘do’ something. Physical reality is to be tasted and touched and interacted with, not just viewed from afar. When we make something happen, interacting with the consequences of that action gives us our next step in the process of learning and growing.
In the world of dreams and imagination Aires influences us in more complex forms. Life demands that we pay constant attention to the physical world around us. Because of this we tend to create mental scenarios that utilize and reflect physical events already experienced, even if in a hard-to-recognize form. ‘Doing’, the basic urge Aires directs us towards, is often visualized as winning, or overcoming enemies and obstacles. Here power means the power to win. Respect is given to the powerful — military special forces, sports heroes, empire builders, …. The subtlety happens when the field of battle shifts to ‘other’ venues — winning the job promotion, winning the spot on the speaking tour, winning the affection of that special someone, …
In the world of spiritual reality (the world of relationship with the divine) Aires energy motivates us anew. The urge to ‘do’ now happens within. What does it mean to ‘do’ within? It means to practice standing our ground of ‘being’, with relaxation and awareness and steadfastness, while ‘doing’ whatever needs to be done in the outer worlds of physical and imaginative reality.

In physical reality Taurus energy produces in us an urge to survive. Taurus demands avoiding wasting energy, a sense of physical harmony and lasting beauty, and a systematic way of accomplishing goals, one goal at a time.
In dreams, visions, and imagination Taurus energy appears as a cornerstone, or foundation, for whatever our plans and wants and needs might be — whether it be designing a new line of clothing or crafting a new economic strategy for the nation. The solidity of Taurus engenders a feeling of having the strength to meet the challenges ahead. That strength may not be our own, but Taurus teaches us how to tap into sources of strength available to us.
In the world of spiritual reality Taurus energy produces in us a willingness to stay the course. In times of aridity, when we lose all sense of meaning, all sense of orientation, all sense of anything that makes sense, then Taurus energy gives us a feeling of going on just that little bit longer, over and over again.

In physical reality Gemini energy produces in us an urge to explore. Sociology and anthropology are high on Gemini’s list. In fact everyone’s and every place’s story produces a new avenue of exploration. Using words to communicate across cultures and generations is a favorite technique in the exploring process.
In dreams, visions, and imagination Gemini energy appears as adventures of super-human beings — from the gods and goddesses of ancient times and ancient cultures, to angels (and fallen angels), to modern super-heroes. All of the world’s stories are laid before us.
In the world of spiritual reality Gemini energy supports the process of developing a much stronger attention. We are working towards an attention capable of taking in everything that can be noticed, in a single moment.

In physical reality Cancer energy produces in us an urge to create a safe haven. Home is more than a physical location. The tasteful decorating and delicious aromas coming from the roast on the stove create an oasis far away from the stresses of life. Impressions received and emotions experienced seem so much more immediate than lists of facts, or catalogues of other people’s experiences.
In dreams, visions, and imagination Cancer energy motivates us to communicate emotional information through art forms.
In the world of spiritual reality Cancer energy invites us to probe the depths, or underpinnings, of physical and emotional life. What is the nature of reality beyond that which can be communicated with words or symbols or art forms? How can we find the opening, or beginning, of a pathway into the unknown?

In physical reality Leo energy produces in us an urge to assume command. Delegating tasks to others is often demanded of us — but there is a learning curve needed in order to become comfortable with this setup and the results obtained. ‘I can do it better and faster myself’ must be replaced by something stronger — ‘how else will they learn’, or ‘there are not enough hours in the day’, etc.
In dreams, visions, and imagination Leo energy produces in us a need to be acknowledged as a successful leader. Leaders are those who perform well defined tasks with accuracy, strength, and timeliness, and leaders also have the ability to direct the efforts of others. People who are attracted to these leaders are demonstrative in their approval and continued loyalty. This energy of approval, gratitude, and cooperation help sustain the leader’s continued efforts.
In the world of spiritual reality Leo energy adds extra support for ‘doing’ the actual tasks associated with inner work. While we cannot make spiritual gift moments happen, we can strengthen our own ‘spiritual muscles’ (attention, intention, will, …) and thus become more prepared, more sensitive to the subtleties of the moment, if and when gift moments do happen.

In physical reality Virgo energy produces in us an urge to nurture healthy development — of an individual, a family, an organization, a culture, the world. Eliminating clutter, and arriving at an essence, is the nature of Virgo’s eternal battlefield. Only then can the correct actions to take become known.
In dreams, visions, and imagination Virgo energy sets us on the path of a quest for truth and workability.
In the world of spiritual reality Virgo is Scorpio’s closest cousin: both want to eliminate whatever is not absolutely essential — i.e. to eliminate all distraction. Standing our ground of being is attractive to both. What is challenging for both is how to avoid creating lots of new distractions, while maintaining a certain quality of lightness, of non-harshness. Both are predisposed to add a lot of energy to personal judgements made about whatever is noticed. The key here is to JUST notice — don’t over-analyze what is noticed, don’t interact with what is noticed, JUST notice.

In physical reality Libra energy produces in us an urge to create balance — balance (or harmony) in the physical environment and balance in human interactions. Diplomacy and mediation are well developed skill sets here. A sense of beauty is demanded, and beauty requires an innate sense of balance.
In dreams, visions, and imagination Libra energy sets us on the path of a quest for universal peace. Peace in the family, peace in the neighborhood, peace among species, peace in the self. Balance and harmony produce peace; fear and trembling produce chaos.
In the world of spiritual reality Libra energy helps us to balance ‘doing’ and ‘being’ in our inner lives as well as our everyday lives. We need this balance in order to remain aware and open to the subtleties of inner communication, or communion.

In physical reality Scorpio energy produces in us an urge to identify what is essential. All things are not equal in a Scorpio world view. Non-essentials are to be allowed to drift away, or else be pushed away. Too much energy is demanded of us to allow attention to be scattered, to allow strength to be scattered.
In dreams, visions, and imagination Scorpio appears as speed and deftness and extraordinary focus of attention. The ‘doing’ happens before anyone notices that a goal has been pursued. Personal applause is not necessarily required from mere mortals. (Of course, all ego stroking is pleasant for everyone.) The value of a magical cloak of invisibility does not go unnoticed by Scorpio.
In the world of spiritual reality Scorpio energy supports our ability to embrace transformation. Maintaining illusions about things staying the same are simply not part of the deal in this life.

In physical reality Sagittarius energy produces in us an urge to smooth out life’s rough edges. Recreation and humor are favorite Sagittarius techniques. Leaving emotional pits behind is always on the Sagittarius agenda.
In dreams, visions, and imagination Sagittarius energy produces in us a sense that all things are possible, a sense of hope about the future.
In the world of spiritual reality Sagittarius energy provides a sense of joy in being alive that encompasses more than the every-day world of physical experience.

In physical reality Capricorn energy produces in us an urge to prioritize and organize. Without organization, actions seem to become part of the chaos — and chaos can feel overwhelming to begin with. With too much organizing, the intensity of list making, and resistance to changes in schedule, becomes stultifying. This particular balancing act is Capricorn’s ever-present challenge.
In dreams, visions, and imagination Capricorn energy supports a steady focus on perceived realistic goals. The details get worked out, and often, the success of accomplishing a goal is noted in ordinary life.
In the world of spiritual reality Capricorn honors and uses tradition and ritual. Rather than attempting to move out from physical reality into a new dimension, Capricorn energy supports our attempt to become aware of physical reality being infused with divine, or extra-ordinary, energy.

In physical reality Aquarius energy produces in us an urge to innovate. Craft is the putting together of known elements into new arrangements. For example making a walkie-talkie out of ‘stuff’ found in the kitchen, or designing a new quilt. Creation is the making of something from nothing. Innovation uses craft to produce something with a new meaning. For example, using that same ‘stuff’ found in the kitchen to produce a cure for a disease that has, so far, eluded medical science.
In dreams, visions, and imagination Aquarius energy supports our mentally playing with new approaches to accomplishing known goals, no matter how elusive those goals may seem. For example, consider the future of computers. What will be the next step after the microchip?
In the world of spiritual reality Aquarius energy supports our willingness to remain present in the moment, no matter where that moment takes us.

In physical reality Pisces energy produces in us an urge to delve. Here mystery is more compelling than the already known. Physical reality easily takes on some of the qualities of imagination – what is seen (and thus known) is assumed to be the tip of the iceberg, and all else is to be learned and conquered via a roaming and free imagination.
In dreams, visions, and imagination Pisces energy produces an openness and willingness to communicate with the unknown. Distant galaxies, orders of angels, whatever, whoever — all are welcome in the Pisces neighborhood. Communication between human and wolf or bear or other animal is common. Levitation and flying dreams are also common.
In the world of spiritual reality Pisces energy supports a sense of freedom and joy as we enter uncharted territory. There are unsuspected friends, as well as unsuspected foes. Oh well. On with the journey.

We are born into a multidimensional universe. We have experiences, and the possibility of further exploration, in each of these dimensions. The basic energies that the universe offers to us, as described by the astrological signs, can help us to grow and claim more and more of our human potential in each dimension that we contact. Recognize foe by the fear that it leaves in its wake; recognize friend by the peace and enhanced feeling of aliveness that it leaves in its wake. I wish you all safe journey.
Ruth Finizio