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Phone:  860-568-8617

Board and Committee Contacts Are Shown Below

The Astrological Society of CT
2021 – 2022 Officers and Directors

ASC Officers

President Julianne Johnson, 860-857-6384
1st Vice President Catherine Murphy, 813-748-2482
2nd Vice President Janet Booth, 860-232-4670
Treasurer Usha Kumar, 203-792-8771
Recording Secretary Debby Vincelett, 860-554-5333
Corresponding Secretary Agneta Borstein, 860-983-5666

ASC Board

Nancy Bertwell 860-563-1701
Susan Blodgett 413-528-5843
Charlie Edgarton 860-573-0410
Adeniyi Olaiya 860-328-1624
Debbie Rowe 203-457-7345
John Shepski 860-713-1882


Hospitality Janet Stack
Membership Debby Vincelett
New Age Fair Coordinator John Shepski
Newsletter Editors Janet Booth, Usha Kumar
Program Agneta Borstein (Chair)
Publicity Janet Booth,  Agneta Borstein, Catherine Murphy
Phil Russell Scholarship Fund Janet Booth, Usha Kumar, Denis Picard
Speaker Bureau Coordinator Elaine Kuzmeskus (Chair), Janet Booth
Audio Librarian Nancy Bertwell
Webmaster Janet Booth

Nominating Committee – Agneta Borstein, Chair; Adeniyi Olaiya, Debby Vincelett

ASC Speaker Bureau Offers Astrology Lectures on Request

Is your organization, school, local library or cable access station seeking interesting presenters? The ASC has a pool of talented astrologers with extensive lecture experience ready to speak on a variety of topics. We offer our services as a means of outreach to the general public. A tax-deductible donation to the Astrological Society would be appreciated, but is not essential.

Contact for information.