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Jeanne Beaulieu


Agneta Borstein


Moon Phase Timing and My Garden   September, 2017


2022 Where Are We Going?  Winter 2022

Ruth 1

Ruth Finizio
The Basic Energies in Our Lives – Astrologically Explained  June, 2016
Walking the Inner Path  December, 2015
Changing Attitudes Towards Astrology Over The Years September, 2015
The Sixth House  June, 2015
Neptune’s Toy Chest  March, 2015
The Houses in Our Charts  December, 2014
A Brief Look at Saturn  September, 2014
Astrology Basics Revisited  June, 2014
Using Astrology to build Calm, Peace, and Compassion  March, 2014
The Outer Planets Through the Decades  December, 2013
The Ascendant  September, 2013
An Astrological Look at Career Choices  June, 2013
Using Astrology to Search for Solutions to our Nation’s problems  September, 2012
How to Get the Most Out of an Astrological Reading  June, 2012
Astrology as a Symbol System  March, 2012
Polarities in an Astrological Chart   December, 2011
A Brief Look at Neptune   September, 2011
Stepping Into a Chart   June, 2011
Working with Pluto Transits   April, 2011
A First Look at Astrology  January, 2011
ASC’s Birthday Reading  September, 2010

Usha Kumar

Notable Nodal Transits  April, 2020

A Look at Mars Retrograde From Two Angles, co-authored with Janet Booth, September, 2020

Elaine Kuzmeskus

2011 Predictions from ASC Members   January, 2011
2010 Predictions from ASC Members  January, 2010

Denis Picarddenis

Declination Longitude – Just a Dimension Away  November, 2014
Declination Longitude – Part 2  January, 2015
An Astrological Itch PARTs 1 and 2 revised June, 2020
Antiscia Illustration  April, 2020
Out of Bounds Planets and Retrograde Motion  May, 2020
Dancing With the Stars  May, 2020
Dancing With the Stars, Round 2 May, 2020
The Ages of Transformation, A Magical Mystery Tour, Part 1 June, 2020
Our Age of Transformation – The Great Release December, 2020
Thoughts on Pluto  February, 2022
Declination – A Philosophical Inquiry   August 2022