Speaker Bureau

The Astrological Society of Connecticut, Inc. Speaker Bureau provides experienced astrologers to present a variety of topics for libraries, senior centers and organizations. There is no set fee but we do request a donation, if possible, payable to the ASC.

If your group is interested, call 860-568-8617 or email speakerbureau@myasc.org.

Our current and upcoming presentations are listed separately, and here are some additional topic suggestions:

The Ancient Roots and Modern Applications of Astrology

The Wide World of Astrology

What Astrology IS and What it ISN’T

What Astrology Can Tell You

SUN SIGNS – The King but not the Whole Court

What’s Your Sign? You Have More Than One!

The Difference Between Signs and Constellations

The Moon and Her Role in Your Life

How Your Mercury Sign Affects Your Communication

Venus, the Goddess of Love and More

Follow Your “Lucky Star,” Jupiter

Saturn, the Lord of Time

The Importance of Elements in Astrology

Importance of a Birth Time

Houses and Your Life

What are Eclipses and Where Do the Current Eclipses Fall in Your Chart?

When Astrologers Talk About Retrogrades, What Does THAT Mean?

Astrology and Health

Planning With the Planets in Mind

Astrology and the USA: What’s Next?

Donald Trump: Horoscope of the Deal Maker

Comparing Astrology to Other Divination Systems