Rental Library

Recordings in the ASC Audio Rental Library are available for rent to current ASC Members, either at the monthly lectures or through the mail. Older recordings are on cassette tapes and more recent ones are on CDs.

The rental fee is $1 per tape or CD per month, plus mailing costs, if applicable.

Contact our Audio Librarian, Nancy Bertwell, for details. You can call her at 860-563-1701 or email her. Be sure to tell mention the “recording number” of the recording(s) you want to rent.

After speaking with her, you can pay your fee using our donation button at the bottom of the menu.

In some cases, a deposit may be required prior to renting (returnable afterward). Here is where you can make that payment:

Our list has been updated through February 2020 and the information is presented in three formats, sorted by Date, Speaker or Title.  You can download a PDF and search by keywords for topics in which you are interested. (You can print these PDFs, should you desire to.)

ASC Audio List 2020 Updated by DATE

ASC Audio List 2020 Updated by SPEAKER

ASC Audio List 2020 Updated by TITLE